1. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is not only to watch over the baby’s safety. It is perfect to see their time by time activities as well. With its high-resolution 4.3″ color LCD screens, parents can even see the time the baby smiles or cries. And, the night vision that even monitors them when it’s already time for lights off. Finally, it also enables multi-tasking with its two-way intercom system. Perfect as means of communication for babies and parents.

Had motorola monitors previously- Had to replace two defective screens & ALWAYS losing signal in our home (3800sq ft) so looked for a longer range monitor. THIS ONE IS GREAT! We bought the monitor and one camera from buybuy baby (they price matched the amazon pricing!) but they didn’t have extra cameras, so ordered one from amazon! THANKS PRIME! 🙂 Great options on the monitor, temps, pan/tilt, scan, split screen, alerts, etc…Would have purchased this one first if it was out 2 years ago!

Ashlee C

Customer, Amazon

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

It is inevitable that parents should sometimes be away from their children. Maybe it is due to work, necessary travels, or occasions that they can’t miss out. However, now, parents no longer have to worry because there are reliable cameras to monitor their little ones. The Infant Optics DXR-8 is a perfect partner for every parent on the go. It comes with an interchangeable optical lens that can customize the angle of view or position for viewing babies. It has a compact companion that is too handy to bring everywhere. One of its best features is it has long battery life that is incomparable with the rest.

We tried several monitors before getting this one and I was never satisfied until now! This monitor has all the features I wanted and works great. I love the zoom lense which provides a much clearer picture than zoom features on other cameras. I also love the notification beep you get if the camera is out of range of the parent unit is low on battery – it gives me peace of mind that even at night while I’m sleeping I would know if the monitor wasn’t working correctly. Great night vision and clear picture as well!


Customer, Amazon

3. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Parents are naturally protective. Therefore, if they can be “extra” only to ensure their babies safety, they would do it without hesitations. This product is perfect for those “extra” parents because it doesn’t only have one camera, but two. Both cameras come with excellent features such as stable streaming, digital vision and sound and more. Parents can place the cameras in two rooms separately, or just in one.

I wanted a good reliable baby monitor for my 20 months toddler. So far we’ve been using the audio only cheap one, and since we’re expecting baby #2 I figured now we should go ahead and invest in a good monitor. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on this, but did want a good quality product. I went ahead and ordered the 2 camera bundle. So far it’s been working great! I use this right now mostly at night, and the night vision looks good and clear, same for the sound. We live in a 2 story house and I get good signal downstairs as well.

I like the face that it has an Eco option to reserve battery and turn off the screen if not needed. I think that the value for the price is really great, and I’m very happy with this monitor.

M. Wilson

Customer, Amazon

4. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

Long range audio monitors with vibrating sound alert, sure are great features for a baby monitor. These are only a few that comes handy in VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor. The product believes that the sound of a parent’s voice is enough to calm the babies and make them feel safe. It provides the peace of mind that every parent would want, hearing the breathing sound, laughs or cries of the babies. They are all crystal clear, with an automatic deduction of unwanted sounds, and the five-level volume adjuster.

I actually purchased this monitor for my parents. After my dad’s second fall outside and my mother not hearing him yell for her while she was inside, I thought this might be a good solution. I read the reviews on several different devices and ultimately went with this one. We are very very pleased with this monitor! They keep one outside on the back porch and one inside. The sound quality is fantastic and very clear! I cannot believe how much and how far away you can hear with this. We did several tests to make sure this would work for their needs and with over an acre of land, while standing as far back on the property as we could, the sounds of yelling for help were loud and clear!!!

Natalie J Kromberg

Customer, Amazon

5. Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The next baby monitor device took a notch up with its wireless camera offering. Apart from the two-way audio that allows communication at any time, it is also complete with a colored screen that has different position options. It can be remote pan, tilt or zoom. It also has a night vision to monitor babies without interrupting their sleep. The best asset of all is its multiple camera settings that can have view options on split screens or simultaneously.

My husband and I absolutely love this baby monitor. It took us months of researching to decide on one, but once we got this one and tried it out, we were pleasantly pleased with our decision. The video comes through great and the range that the camera has in terms of turning left, right, up and down is fantastic. I have the volume on one of the lower settings, but during the night, I don’t need it any louder because my baby’s cries and noises comes through clearly and loudly. It also comes with a VERY long cord so if you want the monitor on, but it also needs to recharge, you can plug it in and STILL put it wherever you need it to be.


Customer, Amazon

6. Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor

This product is a break from baby monitor cameras. Because it is not just the physical activities of the babies that parents should be watchful for, but also, with what’s happening inside their body. Because after all, babies are naturally vulnerable to sickness. Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor is a wearable gadget to attach in the baby’s diaper and monitor its abdominal movement. It can accurately detect and provides a sign for any unusual abdominal movements of the babies.

Although we found the item much cheaper elsewhere, this item is a lifesaver. My baby was 2 weeks old when it alerted us the first time when she stopped breathing, allowing us enough time to get her breathing again. This has alerted us a total of 3 times now saving our baby from SIDS. This is a must for all new babies!

The best part about this item is that it’s portable. You can travel with it as well as use it while in the car to assure baby is breathing normally.

The unit will vibrate at 15 seconds if the baby is not breathing with hopes to wake baby. Then an alarm will sound if Baby is still nit breathing 7seconds after the vibration (total of about 22.5 seconds)


Customer, Amazon

7. Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera

This product is one of the most portable and smart baby monitor cameras that is a part of the wireless technology. It comes with an infrared night vision, allowing parents to see baby’s condition during low light settings. It is also perfect for multiple cameras uses, because of the receiver’s ability to pair up to four additional cameras. It is also energy efficient with its automatic power saving mode ability.

I love it. The picture is clear, day and night. Got this for my third baby and wish I had this for my other 2. Got to appreciate the age of constant video surveillance! I also like the extra options like the lullaby settings, and that I can talk to the baby. The picture is so clear I can see him breathe. I highly recommend. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off in the beginning but you have to press and hold the button for a few seconds and it will work fine. We still use it every day for naps and at night and love it. Months later it holds a charge for hours.

S. Alexander

Customer, Amazon

8. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Other than cameras and sound monitors, there are also other parents must-haves in checking baby’s safety and protection, of course, their health. It is necessary to know the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels at all times. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor lets parents do that anytime, and anywhere. It has a mobile app to operate and monitor real-time statuses. The product ensures that the baby is always okay, and eliminating the parents’ worries away.

Thank you Owlet! Your wonderful sock saved our newborn granddaughter! One night while we were still at the hospital we decided to put her new Owlet on just to try it out. In the middle of the night the Owlet alarm went off, she had stopped breathing! She stayed in the NIC unit for eight days while they tried to determine the cause. She is now almost five months old and she still wears her Owlet sock day and night! God Bless you for your wonderful product! Every newborn baby should have one!


Customer, Amazon

9. Infant Optics Add-On Camera Unit For Infant Optics Dxr-8

This baby monitor camera is perfect for parents who want to monitor their children in separate rooms. The receiver is compatible for connection with up to three camera add-ons. It features remote pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. It also has a wide range making sure that the reception is uninterrupted, for a real-time viewing experience. It comes with an easy set-up that makes it convenient for every parent to install.

Hands down this is the best baby monitor on the market and the best company. I had my first camera and monitor for 2 years- it has survived my toddler throwing it across the room multiple times when I had it sitting on his crib (it is now where he can’t reach it). I love the thermometer on it, I look at it constantly- It made me realize my son’s room had a heating/cooling problem that we had the HVAC company come out to correct. I love the how much it can turn- I can literally see my toddler in his room anywhere in his room when he gets out of bed and zoom in as close on my baby to even see him breathing. I now have a second child and bought the add on camera. I love the scan mode that it goes back and forth between cameras every few seconds. My monitor charging port broke a few weeks before my second son was born and wouldn’t charge anymore, even though I was a year out of warranty Infant Optics replaced it free of charge. I received the replacement in 2 days too! I don’t think I could survive without this camera.

Leslie Carter

Customer, Amazon

10. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

The product is too sleek and formal looking that no one would imagine it plays lullabies. Apart from that, it has an exclusive connection that ranges up to 900 feet. It secures uninterrupted, crystal clear connection between parents and babies. It also has a temperature monitor and control to ensure the babies comfort during play time and sleep time. The talkback feature also puts any parent’s mind at ease, even when they are not in the same room as their babies.

Was very hesitant on ordering this monitor (shopped for several days and did many comparisons) to monitor my 82 year old mother. My husband and I reside in a concrete home and my mother resides give or take about 65′ away from us. After setting up and linking same, I was very surprised how clear I was able to communicate with her from my night stand. I can clearly hear when she’s up and about and instead of my having to grab keys to go over and check in on her, I just grab my unit and ask if everything is OK and she immediately responds. I think she even feels secured, after her lifetime partner of 66 years left her in January. My Dad was her caretaker.

I love it and highly recommend same to any concerned caretaker.

I must say…………………….This Monitor has reached my EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!

Amazon Customer

Customer, Amazon

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