1. Carter’s Baby Girl’s and 2pack Romper

One of the best selling brands in the baby apparel section, Carter offers these rompers for baby girls. Made from 100% cotton material, parents could never go wrong. Because it will undoubtedly provide the comfort, not to mention the fashionable style to the toddlers. It also offers unsurpassed longevity with its materials that can last long for years. No other economical options can even withstand this brand. The best baby clothes on our list.

She didn’t like them much at first because they were a tad long and the leg openings hung down on her thighs…she kept pulling them up. But, she has since grown a little and they fit much better and there is no problem now with her wearing them. They are cute, soft and well made. We are happy with this purchase.

Sondra Thornton

Customer, Amazon

2. Fubin Baby Girl’s Floral Print Ruffles Rompers Summer Clothes

A cute baby romper is a perfect summer get-up for baby girls. The floral design completes the look, with the headband along with it. The materials are also 100% cotton so it’s breathable and indeed comfortable for baby to wear. It has a snap diaper closure, for the ease of changing diapers. The romper is also perfect for to wear in pictorials, and other summer events because it is cute and fashionable.

This is so adorable. I received so many compliments at Mommy and Me. My baby is 7 months and average for height and weight and it fits but with room to grow. The tie around the neck allows you to leave more slack as baby gets bigger. Nice quality and soft cotton. I love that the headband is adjustable too by just tying it in a double knot. I’m glad I have two patterns. I love the lemon one and ordered a matching dress for my older daughter too.

Michelle E.

Customer, Amazon

3. Hudson Baby Cotton Union Suit

Hudson’s union suits is convenient for babies’ everyday wear. It has a snap closure for easy diaper changing and also has snap closures around the legs. It is also suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, it is a practical buy for the parents. These are available in prints and styles that are adorable too!

My 10 month old son is chunky, although according to his weight/height, he is just about average (about 50 percentile). Most of the clothes he wore until now were Carter’s, but for some reason, starting at 12 month clothes, they make them SOOO tight! They say it’s for fire safety, but I want my son to be able to actually fit in it without being squeezed. I went to many stores to look for a 12M sleeper that is not tight, but no luck. I decided to order this because it looked a little wider on the picture, and it’s inexpensive to try. To my pleasant surprise, it was perfect for my son! In these pictures, the light blue sleeper (9-12M) is this item, and the gray one is from Carter’s (12M). They are both unwashed. You can see that this sleeper is much wider everywhere. We washed this a few times and it’s still great. My son is now sleeping comfortably! I’ll be ordering these again in bigger sizes as he grows!


Customer, Amazon

4. Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Bodysuits

Luvable Friends’ bodysuits are perfect for both baby boys and girls, and they come with cute design and colors. The sizes are also adjustable and offer a wide variety of choices. Materials are super soft, so the baby would love to wear it anytime or anywhere. Each pack has five bodysuits, that fits up to twelve months. This a perfect buy for a price too economical.

My baby boy is a few days short of 3 months old and is exactly in the 50% range for weight and height. The 3-6 months size onesies are a bit loose on him currently, as expected, but they will definitely be perfect for the next few months when he grows into them! The fabric is so soft and colorful, and the suits seem well-made. The price is also quite the bargain! I will be ordering more of these in the future!

Dee Loth

Customer, Amazon

5. Gerber 19 Piece Baby Essential Gift Set

With this 19-piece essential gift set, parents have everything they need. From onesies to sleep and playsuits, bibs, blankets and many more. It is indeed convenient for travel or everyday use. The complete set also comes with different designs that can fit any theme and simultaneous daily use. The materials are soft and comfortable for babies’ use.

I ordered these while pregnant for my son & am so glad I did! The blankets sure come in handy for swaddling & burping. We use everything in this set except the bibs. All the clothes are adorable, fit well (given that my son is 2 weeks old & weights under 7 lbs so he still has time to grow into them) & wash easy. Everything here makes a wonderful baby shower gift, or even are great for new moms wanting to save a little money buying an entire set instead of pieces at a time. My only advice is to stock up on receiving blankets because they really do come in handy & you can almost not have enough with a new born.


Customer, Amazon

6. Gerber Unisex Baby 5 pack Short-Sleeve White Onesies

Comfort, convenience, and simplicity these are what Gerber Unisex Onesies offer. It is perfect for babies daily use. It is a flexible suit for babies as well because it can be a layering piece to just about any clothing. It also has a snap closure, making the process of changing diapers a breeze. Plus, since it comes in plain white color, parents can freely decorate or accessorize them as desired.

This will be our one-year-old-girl’s final pack of onsies as she has outgrown every size-up as fast as we’ve bought them. She is very tall compared to her one-year-old peers. The Gerber onsies fit for a short while (NOT Gerber’s fault). We first noticed her growth seemed accelerated when her 3-month onsies had to be replaced with six-month-onsies at only 3.5 months old and then at 6-months, she completely outgrew the nine-month onsies in 10 days. We love the breathable cotton fabric of Gerber onsies and the easiness of just tossing a soiled one in the next laundry load with some oxy clean and knowing there’s another clean one available with the multi packs, but it’s clear, our girl will need 2T and beyond, in a matter of days.


Customer, Amazon

7. Mud Kingdom Little Girls Clothes Sets Cute Outfits Polka Dot

Looking for perfect clothes set for the little girls in their first Disney trip? These cutesy girls outfit is perfect for that trip, and on any occasion. It has a comfortable fabric that comes with adorable designs. Each piece can be a perfect pair as well as other shorts, skirts, or shirts sets. The overall design is not only beautiful but also provides comfort, which is ideal for travel or a long-day wearing.

Love this! it is so cute!!! My daughter was so excited to wear this! I had to let her wear it to bed. She wears 12m, but I ordered the 24m so i could get more wear out of it. It fits her well now but i know it will fit her as she grows. The shirt material is a good quality fabric. And the bloomers are more of a twill but still good fabric. I haven’t washed it yet but i’m pretty confident it will survive the machine. However i will probably hand-wash.

Stephanie A

Customer, Amazon

8. Emma Baby Newborn Girls Clothes Baby Romper

Many parents are anticipating the long winter ahead. It may be too early to prepare, but there can’t be an absolute time if parents are excited to see what their newborn babies would look like in their winter clothes. This product is a perfect buy! It comes with a long sleeve top, a comfortable baby pants, and a cute cap to protect the baby’s head from the cold. The materials are cotton blend with a fabric perfect for babies’ delicate skin.

Really cute! The hat came unknotted and honestly cracked us up because it looks like one of those old time night caps. It came with a really long piece of fabric that I think is supposed to be a headband but it was so long that it’d never fit my babe so I use to for myself…bonus!

Jayson Bocanegra

Customer, Amazon

9. Luvable Friends Unisex 8 pack Newborn Socks

A pair of baby socks is every parent’s best friend. It is essential to bring whenever they go, or even just at home. It brings comfort to the babies and warmth during cold and rainy seasons. It is also the reason why it is crucial to look for a perfect pair. Luvable Friends Unisex socks are one product that any parent can go to, it has comfortable materials and comes in handy with charming designs and patterns. It also has eight sets in a pack, which is excellent for everyday use.

These are very cute. They fit and stay on a newborn great. They are pretty stretchy but do not expect them to fit all the way until 6 mo. My grandson is 1 month today and he is a little over 7 lbs now, and they still fit good but I do have to stretch them before putting on,so the heal part is on his heal. Probably fit until maybe 3 months, I doubt they will fit longer then that. But like I said, they are the best for new babies,as most socks are to big on newborns and fall off easy.


Customer, Amazon

10. Newborn Baby Girl Take Home Outfit Baby

While this baby gown is too cute for its design, it also offers comfort and convenience to both parents and babies. It has a footed bodysuit and a cap, which are breathable. Therefore, it ensures to provide babies with enough warmth during the night. It also comes with a mitten to prevent little nails to scratch babies’ faces. It is indeed a perfect choice for parents with newborn girls.

Received this yesterday for a September addition to the family. It does indeed look large for 0-3 months but it is really cute. I’m going to wash it and see what happens.


Customer, Amazon

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