1. 4moms mamaRoo Bluetooth

The closest to the parents comfort any baby could get. This product offers to keep babies asleep during the hours that they need to. It has five motions to choose from that can also set in different speeds. The great thing about this baby bouncer is that it is Bluetooth enabled. Therefore, controls are handy through mobile remote or application.

The fact that I am able to sit at my computer and write this review alone means this is worth 5 stars. My newborn has not slept without being held since we first brought him home from the hospital. He is currently asleep five minutes after putting him into the 4moms mamaRoo infant seat. I would have paid 5 times this price for him to be able to be soothed.

Stop reading this review and buy this if you can afford to, if not mortgage your house, sell your car. It is worth it.

Amazon Customer

Customer, Amazon

2. BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft

This product does not only function as a bouncer but also a helpful partner for the parents for both indoor and outdoor baby activities. It offers versatility and can be used to set the babies off to dreamland quickly. It can be a support or baby holder during bath time. And, a comfortable seat during their meal or play time. Also, the child-friendly and safe design put any parent mind at ease.

We didn’t think we needed a bouncer because we had a swing, rock n play, and other spots to put baby. Man, were we wrong! We visited my sister when my son was 3.5 months old and plopped him in her Bjorn. He looooved it. We knew we needed our own, so we found one on Amazon (on saw!!!). What a life changer. My son is very high needs, always wanting to be held and bounced. This bouncer allowed us to eat dinner together without holding a baby, and I could do laundry and get things done!! Game. Changer. I’m so mad we didn’t have this for the first four months of his life as they were so very challenging on me as a stay at home Mom. He’s now 6 months old and LOVES his bjorn still. This is a must have.
Amy Clark

Customer, Amazon

3. Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

This uniquely designed baby bouncer is perfect for both baby boys or girls. It is convenient with vibration ability to bounce baby off to their sleep. The customized intensity of vibration also allows sufficient relaxation for the babies. Wrapped in soft fabric, this baby bouncer leaves comfort even for long hours of use. As a bonus, there are also spinnable toys ensuring that the babies won’t get bored.

This bouncy seat is amazing for the price (especially when it’s $17!). It’s perfect for travel, fits easily in any suitcase. We initially bought it for travel, but I love it even more than our bulky swing / rocker seat we have at home. My baby doesn’t nap super easily, and he napped SO well in this thing. I wish we had discovered it sooner – it could have replaced quite a few(more expensive) baby gadgets.

My husband said some reviewers noted that it tips easily… and while it can tip easily while empty, the weight of the baby makes it nearly impossible to tip… so not a worry you should have.

Natalie Elizabeth

Customer, Amazon

4. Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Musical Bouncer

A baby bouncer cannot provide a maximum entertainment value without music to complete it. Fisher-Price Kick’n Play makes sure that babies won’t be inactive with its two musical settings which have volume control and lights that dance along with it. During bedtime or nap time, it has soothing vibration as well. It is portable, and the size is perfect even for outdoor use. It is one baby product that parents can never go wrong.

Ha, this is so much fun!! Our little one is 5 months old ~ and he’s super alert and loves to make things light up, make noise or talk to him. This is so perfect!! He caught on so quick that he can bounce his feet and the lights will light up and a jingle will start. He just giggles and kicks his feet!! This type of wire base bouncer hasn’t previously been my favorite, but oh my gosh, it’s so much fun watching him have a blast in this thing I have to give it 5 stars. It was super easy to assemble, the cover is washable, and it’s bright, happy design is perfect for either boy or a girl. I cannot tell you how much of a good time I am having watching HIM have a great time with this bouncer!!

Customer, Amazon

5. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

This baby bouncer/rocker offers settings for secured seating or sleeping positions for the babies. The bar-at-toys also serve purposes of stimulating senses for better learning development. Longevity is also the name of the game for this baby bouncer. After the baby outgrows the product, the easily detachable toy bar can be up for keeps, and the seat can stay as long as the child fits into it. It is one practical choice for any parent.

I purchased this for my baby boy when he was about 7 weeks old. He was a fussy one. Would not stay anywhere but my arms. We received this and it was very easy to put together. He hated it in the beginning. I realized the three objects dangling in front of his face was much too close. After I removed it he LOVES it. We have him sit on there with maybe a rattle or pacifier next to me (so I can rock him from time to time) when we are eating and he is quiet as can be. There’s also a kick stand when he wants to nap lying down without the rocking. Wish it was collapsible so I can take it with me while traveling.
Jae and sika

Customer, Amazon

6. Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer

This take-along baby bouncer by Tiny Love is like a hammock for babies. It is foldable and lightweight, perfect for camping, travel and can sure fit even the smallest storage. It also has a carry bag making it highly organized. The item can also serve as a baby holder during bath time. It is a portable option for parents on the go.

We took this chair on vacation with us and our 2 month old daugher loved to hang out in it – by the pool, on the deck, at the beach, everywhere! It kept her nice & cool with the mesh back and was easy to keep clean of the sand. It has a nice bounce to it as it lulled her to sleep – she took most of her naps in this and seemed to just love it. The Tiny Love mobile attachment works great with it too. This chair is must have for summer babies!!

Customer, Amazon

7. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer

A baby blanket should always be handy for baby’s comfort and warmth. This baby bouncer by Sassy incorporates the familiar cuddle feel of a comforter. It has songs as well for babies’ entertainment, and soothing vibration for their relaxation. It comes with three removable toys that are fun and engaging to play. It also has sturdy legs and non-slip feet to secure the baby’s position.

We purchased this bouncer for our infant. She disliked it as a newborn very much but I think that was because she did not like being put down at all. She very much preferred to be in our arms. Now at almost 8 weeks, she can sit in her bouncer comfortably for 30 minutes or longer. She will even take naps in it occasionally. She enjoys looking at the toys on the bar in front of her. The vibrating and music feature work, although we don’t use them very often.
Amazon Customer

Customer, Amazon

8. Disney Baby Finding Nemo See & Swim Bouncer

This product has everything that an ideal baby bouncer must have. It has a toss-ready seat pad which provides an easy clean-up for the parents. It has a calming vibration that allows the baby to fall asleep in no time. Plus, the design is engaging, exposing the babies to an underwater set-up with what would be their favorite sea characters. The toys are also interactive, so what else isn’t there to convince parents in buying this product? None, unquestionably!

I love this chair. My daughter didn’t like anything that we put her in, until we purchased this chair. It is colorful, and she enjoys the mirror overhead as well as the play attachments. This, along with one other was the only one she would finally sit in for longer than 5 minutes. Definitely would recommend this item.

Customer, Amazon

9. Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer

Parenting is a tough job. And, this SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer by Ingenuity is aware of it and consider a solution for that. It can set for 30 minutes of continues bouncing, letting the parents take off their hands on their babies and attend to other tasks. This product also has a full body, back, neck and head support, ensuring safety and comfort. And, this has a hybrid drive technology that enables longer battery life as compared to other conventional bouncers.

This seat bounces nicely. My baby enjoys it. Bright and cheery colors just like what is pictured. The seat insert and head rest is really soft minky type material. The toy bar does unhook too easily in my opinion, but it stays put once it’s in place and I don’t think it would come off unless knocked pretty hard or grabbed; also, the toy bar is lightweight so I don’t think it really poses too much of a hazard even if it was knocked loose. If worried though, there’s no reason the toy bar couldn’t just be taken off and stored. This is a good solution if you want a bouncer that actually bounces and doesn’t just vibrate.

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Chris D Richards

Customer, Amazon

10. ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing

It is a baby swing and a bouncy seat at the same time. This baby bouncer ensures ease of use for parents who do not even have enough time to figure complicated operation. It is also portable which is perfect for small spaces and storages and can bring along everywhere too! It is very secured with its five-point harness and non-slip feet. With an unsurpassed battery life that can last up to three times longer due to its hybridrive technology. This one is unmistakably a steal!

I can’t tell you how much I love this chair/swing. I bought this for my grandson when he comes over. The chair does everything, swings, vibrates, plays music, ocean sounds, and it is very well made! I couldn’t be more happy with this chair and I would recommend this to anyone. You definitely get more than what you pay for.
Sandy Beach

Customer, Amazon

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