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How to get baby to walk early?

Learning to walk is a huge step forward in every baby’s development, and each baby arrives in a different way—some start by rolling, others by crawling, some walk on their knees and some even jump. Generally, babies learn to walk at their own pace and should not be...

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How to Wash a Baby’s Hair?

It seems like a silly question to ask "how to wash a baby’s hair?"— it doesn’t seem like rocket science. As mothers, however, we go to extreme lengths to protect our children, and we worry constantly about whether we are practicing safe habits both in the home and in...

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Best 5 Dogs For Kids

Thinking about getting a puppy? Your little ones were begging you to get them a puppy and you finally gave in? But how to choose the perfect breed for your kids? You might think that any dog, especially if it comes in your family as a puppy, will be great with kids....

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